Crandall Farms Inc. is a family owned apiary and farm. Founded by Phillip Crandall in the 1995 and built into an incorporated business in the 2000’s with his daughter. Beekeeping has been a family hobby as far back as the 1960’s with Phil Crandall’s great grandfather. The beehives were made of wooded soda bottle crates nailed together with wooden slats. Honey was collected by taking comb from these makeshifts hives and smashing it down into pans to melt it on the stove in the kitchen. In 1984 Phil Crandall began with an observation bee hive, he then moved onto working with bees on a farm and started Crandall Farms. We currently have apiary yards all over the Quad Cities in Illinois and Iowa. Along with beekeeping, Crandall Farms raises chickens to produce eggs, Aquaculture plants and fish, Hydroponics plants and produce, and other plants and produce produced on their farm in Coal Valley, IL.

Our Family

Phil is the founder and main beekeeper for Crandall Farms. Beginning his interest since childhood, he has worked with bees almost his whole life. Beekeeping has been a hobby until the last 20 years when he decided to raise bees and honey for sale. His interests in Aquaponics and Hydroponics have been a new up and coming venture from hobby to farming in the last 10 years.

Phil's daughter has been part of Crandall Farms from the beginning since it was part of her childhood. In recent years due to Crandall Farms growth, she has been able to dedicate her efforts full time and make selling honey and beekeeping her day job. Sharing in her father’s interests in farming and raising different and unique crops, she finds Crandall Farms full of possibilities.

Patricia is Phil’s sister. She has been a great help in building Crandall Farms into an ever increasing local business.